Small in size and similar-looking to a clove of garlic. Sweeter taste than many other onions, they are mainly used for pickling. We grow whites, yellows and reds. Varieties are available in both organic and conventional.



 Slightly bigger in size than pearls, firm and dry, papery skin. These onions are also great for pickling. We grow whites, yellows and reds. All varieties are available in both organic and conventional. 



 Disc-shaped and slightly larger than pearls, these onions are extra sweet! They taste great caramelized or roasted as their own side dish. We grow both organic and conventional golds.



Small, slender and lighter in color than red onions with a pinkish-orangey papery skin and light purple flesh. Although not as strong in taste as other onions, these contain a hint of garlic flavor. Allergic to onions? Try shallots - they make a great substitute. We grow both organic and conventional.



 We offer organic, mainstay onions in whites, yellows and reds. These are often referred to as common or bulb onions. They are available in 3 lbs. consumer packs only.